Update Date : 07/02/2018
Dear Parents You are requested to attend the meeting of Parents on 11th Feb 2018 Sunday at 10:30 AM at School Campus.

Update Date : 07/02/2018
Dear Parents Kindly deposit school fee of your ward upto March 2018 and collect the ADMIT CARD of the Annual Examination 2017-18 to be held in March 2018.

Update Date : 16/01/2018
The Pre Board EXAMINATION 2018 will start from 18th Jan 2018

Update Date : 18/01/2018
ADMISSION OPEN for the Session 2018-19

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Alumni Post
Iqra Public SCHOOL
A man learn from cradle to grave ,but the time we spend in learning at our school level is something which leave an indelible mark in our heart and mind and I am no exception to this. IQRA has been a wonderful place of learning values and ethics. I joined the school in 1994 since its inception and completed my matriculation in 2003. A pool of talented teachers provided us with their best. The values and ethics taught here empower us to be a better human being. Apart from being a marks scorer we learnt how to be a good human being. Our Mathematics teacher, Mr.Rakesh Kumar Srivastava has been a great source of inspiration to the students. His words will continue to guide us in every walk of life. I pray Allah a great success to this institution and its students shine like North Star in the sky.
Er.Haider Ali
Sub Divisional Officer
Its being a great honour for being a part of Iqra Public School. This feels like the place I have been searching for Iqra has supported me and my education tremendously. The professional faculty has always been available and willing to assist and answer my questions. Our staff is truly helpful, courteous and kind. The classes and atmosphere on campus have been very uplifting and intellectually stimulating. Islamic education and mosque in campus, where one can pray 5 times daily used to give me great satisfaction.Last but not least, I would like to say thanks to Er. Ainul Haque, Er. Sagir Alam and all my Staff who helped me to acheived my goal. Once again Thank you all and Thank You IQRA.
Er.Reyazul HAque
IQRA Public School
I was a student of IQRA Public School, Haque Nagar, Surapur, Siwan from the year 1995-2003. I had an experience of a life time at IQRA. It is here only I made some awesome friends and met some great teachers. I mingled well with other students. IQRA has helped me hone my leadership skills. I truly cherish each and every moment spent at IQRA, including the time spent in classes, lunch breaks, annual picnics or movies. Everything about IQRA is truly unforgettable. The ambience of the school and teacher-student relationship cannot be described in words, it exceeded all expectations. The school’s academic curriculum, teaching methodology and committed faculty made my stay at IQRA the most cherished moment of my life. I would like to conclude by saying thanks IQRA. I would always remain a proud IQRA.