The school also provides its students with the facility of Hostel Accomodation. The rules for the same are as under


>> Students who have completed 5 years of age are allowed to be admitted in hostel

>> Admission to Hostel is given only to the students of Iqra

>> The Candidate should be medically fit and should not have any physical deficiency/shortcoming which may come in the way of his all participation in all school activities including games/sports,etc.

>> He should not be a bed-wetter

>> Boys suffering from contagious consititutional or hereditary desease or huminity are not admitted.

>> Candidates staying in the hostel will have to deposit Hostel Admission charges, Boarding charges, Caution Money (Refundable), Development charges and Games charges.

>> Two months Hostel charges will remain deposited with the institution as security (refundable)

>> Expensives on tours, conveyance, etc will be charged as extra when needed

>> All payments should be made either in cash or by a Bank draft in the name of Saghir Alam/Ishrat Jahan, Siwan

>> No payment will be accepted through Cheques

>> Obtain a proper reciept from the office for Cash payments.

>> Payments sent by Post should bear the clear details of the child like his/her name, class, roll no., etc.

>> All payments must be made in full before the due dates.No part payments will be accepted

>> Fee may be paid in the Hostel office on any of the working days

>> No deduction is made for the any absence, vacation or broken periods


>> No students are allowed to stay in Hostel during long vacation

>> Candidates must be collected on the closing date itself by the parents

>> Parents/guardians must ensure that all dues are cleared before the candidate leave the hostel

>> No ward will be allowed to go home without the parent/guardian

>> If parent/guardians wish to allow thier wards to go home alone, they must give a written declaration which will be kept in the hostel. the hostel will not be held resposible for any accident or mishap enroute

>> All wards should come to hostel one day before re-openning date. Absence of one day is considered a serious breach of descipline, for which a fine of Rs. 5/- per day is levied

>> In the case of sickness an application along with the medical certificate should be submitted to the Hostel Superintendent


>> Special leave for going home can be granted in case of marriage of ward's on first degree relative

>> Leave may be refused if acadmic progress of the candidate is not satisfactory or examinations are due during the period of the leave

>> Ward can be allowed to go out the hostel with parent or guardian on third sunday of every month between 10 am to 4 pm

>> No Over nights are generally permitted


>> Visit to the Hostel can be made on prescribe days and time with due permission of principal or superintendent

>> Permission of Hostel warden is must for enterance into the hostel

>> Parents/guardians can visit thier ward only on first and last Sundays of the month between 10 am to 2 pm


>> The management has the right to remove the hostelers at any time for the gross of misbehaviour

>> If parents/guardians want to withdraw their wards they are requested to inform the Hostel Suprintendent in writing one month before the intended withdrawn or in lieu of which the caution deposit will not be refunded

>> If the ward is withdrawn within the 15 days of the commencement of the month, full fee will be charged

>> All communication should be addressed to:The Principal/Hostel Superintendent Iqra Public School HostelHaque nagar, Surapur, Siwan - 841226(Bihar)

>> All correspondence must mention the particulars of the conserned student like Name, Class, R.No., etc.

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